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Mission Statement

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India lives in her villages. Today, even as the Indian economy is booming and lifestyles changing for the better at a rapid pace, the economic and social divide between Urban India and Rural India continues to grow. The fast-growing BPO sector in India is now passing through a definitive phase. The dearth of quality resources in cities is leading to the artificial escalation of costs which has now begun to affect the economic viability of the country as a low-cost destination for BPO work. On the other hand, the villages continue to languish due to a lack of opportunities and educated village youth are leaving their families and villages behind to find employment in cities. This mass migration is a crisis in itself and is steadily leading to the decline of culture and the death of these villages.

It was in this scenario that SAI SEVA was born. Bringing together experience and vision that they earned from different walks of life, four professionals, who also happened to be friends came together to unearth a golden opportunity. Where others saw a disadvantage, they saw a challenge: to harness India’s growing technological proficiency and keep the home fires burning in rural areas.

SAI SEVA was set up for two main reasons. To utilize the potential of India’s youth; and deliver speedy, cost-efficient, and quality results to customers who required low-skill, but intense back-office work. A major factor in our employment practices is that we invite applicants from all walks of life, and merit is the only deciding factor. The middle and lower level employees in SAI SEVA are people from the surrounding villages and this ensures a sustained means of income for their families which are often dependent on their youth for survival.